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Our Mission begins with a simple premise...

Mined diamonds and gemstones are destructive, needlessly expensive, and avoidable.

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it all starts with a better stone

We've pledge since the beginning to leverage the best advances in technology to bring you only the finest lab-made gemstones and moissanite. Mined stones have long been culprits of extensive environmental damage, deforestation, soil erosion, and human rights abuses. Lab-made is less expensive, and nearly identical to mined stones, and a portion of all revenue goes back to supporting restorative and conservation practices for the environment.

We're happy you're here :)

Making a 'business-as-usual' jewelry business has never been part of the plan. We don't consider the day successful unless we leave every customer that we touch overjoyed, and we ensure every product that we create gives more back to the earth than it takes!

Although ethically elegant jewelry is our focus - we're a passionate team of dog loving do-good'ers, nespresso drinking night owls, volleyball playing gameboarders, pale ale but not IPA drinkers, with a penchant for crafting the best jewelry that we (and you!) can feel great about. We truly love what we do, and can't wait to share our passion with you!

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